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About Us

The Hungarian League of Volunteers Association (MÖL) is an ever-expanding umbrella organization that is open to all organizations that base their activities on volunteering. Our members include ecclesiastical, environmental, youth, Roma and cultural organizations from Transylvania, Vojvodina and Hungary.

MÖL was originated to create opportunities for volunteers to connect. Through our organization, members can implement joint projects, team up to achieve their goals, and jointly apply for different resources.

Our association and its members have good practices in hosting volunteers, youth community service, organizing events, and fundraising. Our members are constantly involved in training – for instance in 2018 Summer, one of our preparatory courses on Erasmus+ was supported by Katalin Novák, Secretary of State for Family and Youth Affairs. These trainings also help MÖL become a community worth joining.

Our Activity

We provide MÖL members with free counselling for voluntary receptions and participation in the School Community Service. We hope that with this we can contribute to the successful operation of our members!